About the brand

PROVOCATER is the brand devised for you and with you in mind. Your courage, wisdom, independence, autonomy and love of beauty have become our source of inspiration. This is what gives us new ideas and the undying energy day to day. We wish to help you pursue your passions and make your dreams come true. We would like to go along with you every moment, boosting your joy and self-confidence.


We hand over to you products of high quality and unmistaken beauty. State-of-the-art, sleek bottles with our hybrid nail varnishes encapsulate the depth of color, the charming shine, velvety textures and exceptional durability. Thanks to our know-how and experience, we were able to design unique and safe products. Everything to help you rediscover your inner creative passion, without compromises…

For us, you are exceptional. Thank you for your trust.

Thanks to their unique features, our hybrid nail varnishes are very much valued and are still able to stun hundreds of fashionable and stylish women. This is evidenced by positive feedback on Provocater brand posted on well-known and liked fashion and beauty blogs. Below the excerpt from the feedback on Provocater:

I started by journey with hybrid nail varnishes by using Provocater brand. I had a number of doubts at first, not knowing if I was able to do it by myself. But after the first treatment I knew that I made a good decision. When performing my first hybrid self-manicure, I realized that it was not as complicated as I could think, and the outcome was surprisingly good, not only for me:)

This is the story of Karolina, in her own words. To be found at Lejdisbook.pl


Feel invited to start your journey with Provocater!


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